My sweet girl on her 6th birthday. 

Things I want to remember about you right now: ~ how you love to wear you hair loose and free; calling it your ‘wild hair’ ~ your sweet smile still complete with all your teeny tiny baby teeth ~ listening to you playing imaginary games for hours ~ your love of all animals ~ squeezing in your bed with you to read a bedtime story ~ how many times you make me read ‘time for bed little unicorn’ and never get tired of it ~ your absolute love of olives ~ drawing hundreds of unicorns ~ wanting a chihuahua, you call them ‘chichirollas’ and scream with delight every time you see one ~ tangled is your favourite movie ~ you always draw two of everything, one baby that is you and the other mummy one that is me ~ the colour of your big blue eyes when you daydream ~ telling me that I am your BFF ~ the matching key-rings that say ‘best friends forever’ that you bought us. 

I can’t freeze time, but this series of images captured in the week of your birthday is how I will remember you at 6 years old, always.


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